Ladies Shoes For Summer

The Ultimate Ladies Shoes For Summer: Get Sexy Now

Summer is such an exciting time because the air is warm and sultry, everything’s in bloom, and you can wear fashion that is lighter, more glamorous and sexy.

Whether you’re hanging by the sea, mountains or even on the street, footwear really matters, and ladies shoes for summer give you amazing options. For example, add a gorgeous pair of furry slides to your shoe closet. Stylish celebrities like models Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid enjoy wearing easy breezy, faux fur slides out on the streets of L.A. and N.Y.C.

Best of all, slides look cool with several clothing options like leggings, slip dresses, rompers and more.

Another cute option in Brand House Direct Womens Shoes Australia to try is the classic summer espadrille. Who hasn’t owned at least a couple of pairs over the seasons?

Espadrilles are always colorful and playful to collect, and who would knock a wedge heel? No matter how high your espadrilles go, the wedge construction is always comfortable, easier to balance in, and these ladies shoes can take you where you want to go.

Top designers like Tory Burch and Stella McCartney have brought espadrilles back to fashion in a major way. Their prices are about $400 to $500 a pair, but you can always hunt down great-looking espadrilles for a lot less.

Have you heard of the “mini block” in ladies shoes?

If you haven’t, that’s okay, but we can tell you that the mini block heel is a big deal this summer season. The chunky look is retro, and women everywhere are liking the versatility.

The mini block heel is pretty in a closed shoe style or open sandal form. Style experts say the mini block heel goes gorgeously with jeans, a sundress, skirt or just about any other garment you reach for.

The mini block heel is being called the “IT” style in ladies shoes this summer. Fashionable Alexa Chung has been photographed wearing a pair in black sandals.

Ladies shoes can be simple to complicated; it all depends on the details you demand in the perfect pair of footwear. If you like strings and things, then you’ll adore the latest lace-up trend.

Women of all ages look super sophisticated in ladies shoes that feature these details. For example, stylish Kim Kardashian West prefers ankle strap shoes. Many of them feature lace-up heels you tie yourself. It’s a flattering trend that makes every pair of legs look slim and long.

Flat gladiator sandals with lace tie-ups are another popular look in ladies shoes this season.

If you have exceptional balance and don’t mind adding a good six inches to your frame, then 70s platform sandals are another fab pair of ladies shoes to put on in the warm weather.

That “notice me” vintage shoe is back with a vengeance in cork heel and more. The trend was all over the runway, and even Prada has put out their best platform in crisscross suede and embellished with gem-colored crystals. It’s a boho chic must-have in ladies shoes.

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