Different Types of Work Boots

Different Types of Work Boots

For anyone who’s job consists of physical labor, pain is inevitable. Standing or moving around for long periods of time can cause great discomfort your body, especially to your feet. If you don’t wear the proper gear while being on your feet for so long, you will face many discomforts such as swollen feet, bunions, and calluses. Wearing work boots is one of the main ways to maintain comfort while working. This article will provide information about some of the different types of work boots and for which jobs these boots are best worn.

Steel toe work boots are made to protect workers from falling objects or potentially hazardous equipment. These Work Boots From Brand House Direct are made with a steel guard in the front that protects the feet, especially the toes, falling objects or anything that can cause injury to your feet. These boots are best worm on construction sites or places with a higher risk of falling objects.

Electrical hazard work boots are made to protect workers from injury from electrical contact. There are three types of electrical hazard work boots:

CONDUCTIVE – Conductive electrical hazard work boots are designed to protect workers from hazardous static electricity by minimizing electrical resistance, which allows static electricity to flow easily through the shoes. This reduces the chances of a spark that could potentially ignite conductive materials.

NON-CONDUCTIVE – Non-conductive electrical hazard work boots are insulated in order to protect workers against accidental contact with circuits or other electrical equipment.

STATIC DISSIPATING – Static dissipating electrical hazard work boots protect workers by limiting the amount of static electricity that builds up on your body. They also provide a certain amount of protection against electrical hazards.

Oil resistant work boots are designed to withstand repeated use around oily substances or petroleum materials. These boots are usually designed with durable glue lines, polyurethane soles, and leathery fronts.

The soles and outsides of fire resistant work boots are typically made of heat resistant rubber that can withstand temperatures up to and exceeding 500° Fahrenheit. These boots protect workers form high heat while working with materials or machinery.

Waterproof work boots are designed to prevent water from soaking through your shoes. These boots are made with waterproof leather and have sealed seems and uses heavy-duty material to keep your feet dry while working even the wettest of jobs.

Slip resistant work boots are designed to prevent workers from slipping and falling while working. Compared to other shoes, slip resistant shoes are made with specially designed tread patterns and have softer rubber soles. These shoes are best worn by people who work in restaurants, especially as a cook.

There are many types of work boots, each with a function that is primarily needed by certain fields of hard labor work. The important thing is to make sure that you are wearing shoes that provide both comfort and protection while you are working.

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